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living room wall featuring different artworks and items hung with command hooks

How to Hang Things in a Rental: Rental-Friendly Decorating and Organising Ideas

So, you’ve moved into your new rental, and you’re keen to put your stamp on it.

Whether adorned with family photos or your favourite art prints, the blank wall is now yours to decorate like a personal canvas.

But before making any modifications to your rental unit, check your lease agreement for any restrictions on hanging items on the walls. When you understand what you can and can’t do when personalising your rental house, you keep yourself safe from unwanted conflict and costly penalties.

Rental-Friendly Decorating

Done with your due diligence? It’s time to take stock of all available spots within the rental that you can jazz up—this includes walls, surfaces, windows, and even doors.

  • Curtain photo
  • Hanging curtains in a rental

    Hanging curtains in a rental apartment can be drill-free, nail-free, and hassle-free.

    One renter-friendly way to hang curtains is by using adhesive hooks to secure your curtain rod or pole. This allows you to display curtains without any need for installation.
    See how to do it using Command™ Large Timeless Hook in this blog post.

  • gallery removal

    How to hang pictures in a rental

    Picture hanging strips offer an effective way of hanging pictures and paintings in rental properties. Command™ Picture Hanging Strips come with adhesive on both sides and are perfect for adding lots of character, without causing any damage to your walls. The new Command™ Picture Hanging Strips from the Command™ Heavyweight Portfolio can even hold up to 9kg! Check for more renter-friendly picture hanging ideas.

    If you’d like to switch your gallery wall up now and then, you can easily remove Command™ Picture Hanging Strips without leaving any residue behind.

  • bedroom lifestyle
  • Hanging lights in a renter-friendly way

    String lights are an excellent choice for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere within your rental unit. Command™ Clear Hooks provide a smart solution for hanging fairy lights on the wall. Because they’re clear, they disappear completely into the background, never interfering with the glow from your lightbulbs.

  • command christmas tree
  • How to hang holiday décor in a rental

    Hang holiday decorations hassle-free by taking advantage of existing fixtures within your rental, such as shelves, curtain rods, or picture rails, and using binder clips or clothespins to keep them in place.

    You can also display seasonal ornaments without drilling holes or leaving sticky residue on your rental space’s walls, ceilings, or surfaces using Command™ Hooks and Strips.

    With these adhesive hooks and hanging strips designed to hold things up neatly and damage-free, you can easily decorate your rental with bunny and egg-themed displays for Easter, creepy cobwebs and spiders for Halloween, or even Christmas stockings for Santa to fill up for Christmas. Get more seasonal renter-friendly wall ideas from these inspiring blog posts.

Rental-Friendly Organising

A place for everything and everything in its place – this rings true even in a rental home. Make good use of vertical space by hanging organisers and storage solutions. Check out these storage hacks for renters.

  • juice station lifestyle
  • Kitchen storage ideas for renters

    Keep things tidy in your rental kitchen with rental-friendly hooks from Command™ as they are available in a wide range of sizes and weight-bearing capacities, allowing you to hang items like oven mitts, potholders, kitchen towels, utensils, frying pans, and more on the wall, shelf, or even the inside of kitchen cabinet doors.

    There are also Command™ wall organisers that let you hang homeware like your dishwashing sponge, spray bottle, and or broom on the kitchen wall. This is one way to maximise counter space when cooking and cleaning, with no need for tedious installations or cause for any wall or surface damage.

  • bathroom organisation
  • Small bathroom storage ideas for renters

    Bathroom walls and surfaces are almost always wet and cramped. Good thing, over-the-door racks and water-resistant adhesive hooks exist to help you get organised.

    A rack or shelf that hangs over your bathroom door lets you maximise the vertical space to hold your toiletries and other grooming items.

    Water-resistant adhesive hooks, on the other hand, are made for hanging your towels, robes, and other bath accessories. Command’s towel hooks use residue-free adhesive, are designed to bear up to 2.2 kg, and will stay put on various surfaces, even amid moisture, humidity, and wetness.

  • New bedroom organisation
  • Rental-friendly bedroom ideas for organisation

    Many see our bedrooms as our sanctuary, and rental bedrooms are no different. Fortunately, even when renting, you can sustain a den that’s peacefully Zen.

    Now, while you can hide extra linens, seasonal clothing, and things you need only on occasion in under-bed containers and chest drawers, items you use daily or more often need to be somewhere easily accessible.

    Command™ Hooks attach securely onto a broad range of surfaces and use adhesive that leaves no trace on your rental bedroom wall. Use them to hang pegboards, jewelry, belts, bags, jackets, and more. The new Hooks from our Heavyweight Range can even hold items as heavy as 6.8kg!

  • living room organisation
  • Rental living room organising ideas

    As the first space anyone enters within your rental home, your living room and entryway need to remain as organised as possible.

    Maintain order in your rental living room while keeping in style by hanging adhesive hooks on the wall. Available in metallic finishes and modern yet classic designs, Command™ Decorative Hooks can carry up to 2.2 kg safely and securely, and are easily removed while causing no damage or leaving no marks behind. Use these hooks to hang your coats and even showcase your statement pieces.

Need more organisation tips? Check this out.

See, transforming your rental space into a cosy, well-appointed home is possible with creativity and the right tools. With so many easy-to-use, damage-free hanging options for organising and decorating, soon you’ll turn your rental house into your own home sweet home.

Get more inspiration on how to spend better days—and weekends—at your rental home with Command™ with these ideas and inspiration visuals from Command™.

To get started with your decorating and organising, get your Command™ Hooks and Strips from your favourite stores Bunnings, Kmart, and Woolworths.

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    Organising Ideas with Command™

    Get more ideas on how to style your space with Command™ Hooks and Picture Hanging Strips. For more wall-hanging ideas and organisation tips, visit the link below.