• how to hang christmas stockings with Command™ Hooks
Command™ Forever Classic Large Metal Hooks
Command™ Forever Classic Large Metal Hooks

It has a 2.2 kg weight capacity and holds strongly to a variety of surfaces including solid, hollow and painted walls.

Hanging Christmas Stockings

Tis the season to decorate! Make your home merry and bright—put the Christmas tree up, wrap it in tinsel and lights, and adorn it with sparkly ornaments. And don't forget your Christmas stockings! With or without a fireplace, you can still display them in style.

Pro tip: Skip the nails. You can hang your Christmas stockings with Command™ Metal Hooks instead. They come in different styles and finishes that match your decor and keep your walls looking beautiful.

Materials needed:


  • Closeup of Christmas stocking hung on a Command™ Metal Hook

    Look for a space to attach the Command™ Forever Classic Brushed Nickel Large Metal Hooks or Command™ Clear Large or Medium Hooks. To attach the hook, clean the surface first with rubbing alcohol and let dry. Remove the red liner and press adhesive to the hook; then remove the black liner then press to wall firmly.

  • hanging Christmas stockings without nails

    Wait one hour, then hang the Christmas stockings. Spruce up the space further by adding festive-looking trimmings and décor.

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