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Command™ Clear Utensil Hooks

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Command™ Clear Mini Hooks

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DIY Wall Christmas Tree with Fairy Lights

Merry and BRIGHT—this DIY project is a creative way to utilise a small space! Instead of putting up a Christmas tree, create and mount one on a wall using string lights or fairy lights, Command™ Clear Mini Hooks and Command™ Utensil Hooks! Mount the lights in a zigzag pattern to create a tree shape, and then add ornaments and a star at the top.

This damage-free wall Christmas tree is easy to put up and simple to take down with no tools or nails needed. This Christmas, bring joy to your holiday decorating with Command™ Brand Products!

Materials needed:


  • Command™ Adhesive Strips on the wall next to the fairy lights

    After choosing a wall to mount your String Lights Christmas Tree, clean its surface with isopropyl alcohol, then let dry.

    Remove the black "wall" side of the Command™ Adhesive Strips and apply them to the wall in a zigzag pattern to create your tree. Press firmly and hold for 30 seconds.

  • Command Clear Mini Hooks to hold the Christmas tree lights

    Remove the blue liner from the Command™ Adhesive Strips and apply the Command™ Clear Mini Hooks onto them, pressing firmly and holding for 30 seconds.

  • Command™ Utensil Hooks to hang Christmas ornaments on wall

    Repeat steps 1 through 3 to apply Command™ Utensil Hooks. Then after one hour, hang ornaments on each of the hooks.

  • DIY string light christmas tree on wall

    Mount a star at the top of the tree to complete the look!

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