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Get Inspired and Have Your Own Gallery Wall

Spruce up your wall using Command™ Picture Hanging Strips

Choose a Gallery Wall or Create Your Own!

  • how to hang pictures with command picture hooks

    An attractive shape that echoes nature’s panoramic beauty. Suitable for travel and landscape photographs. Perfect for a high-traffic area like a family room or hallway, where it can fill a wide horizontal space.

  • Explore gallery wall ideas by Command

    This is a beautiful gallery that evokes the passage of time, or a feeling of reflection. Perfect for galleries that show time passing over the years - family photos, holidays or birthdays. Suits a space that encourages deep thought, like a lounge or sunroom.

  • inspiration for gallery wall decorations using command picture hanging hooks and frame hangers

    Simple and bold, this gallery is a spectacular statement. Best suited for three alternative faces of a vibrant place or theme – e.g. “Three unforgettable holidays” or “Our babies". This talking piece either suits the main family area or a smaller intimate space like the bedroom.

  • trendy and inspirational ideas on how to decorate and hang pictures on your gallery wall

    Because life is random, so is this gallery! Best displayed as a mix of people and places, this is a celebration of the organic nature of existence and the beautiful moments that occur along the way. Ideal for a rumpus area or a relaxed game room.

Inspirations For How Your Home Could Look

Create your Own Gallery Wall with the Steps Below

  • learn how to create your photo gallery wall with this step-by-step instructions by 3m command

    STEP 1: Capture, collate and print your special moments or images. Once deciding on what you want to display, arrange the photo frames on the floor to help you visualise how it will look on the wall.

  • how to properly prep your gallery wall and picture frames using command picture hooks

    STEP 2: Prep the wall with Isopropyl rubbing alcohol, then apply strips to the backs of your frames, ready to hang. Be sure to follow all the pack instructions.

  • command adhesive strips for picture hanging

    STEP 3: Create an outline of the space you want to work within by applying Scotchblue tape. Start placing the frames on your wall using a spirit level for alignment. Press each frame firmly against the wall. Don't forget to remove each frame for ONE hour, so the adhesive strips have time to properly bond.

  • decorate your gallery wall damage-free when you use command picture hanging strips

    STEP 4: Click frames back into place after one hour, remove the Scotchblue tape and Voila! Simply Print, Frame, Hang!

Command™ Picture Hanging Tips

  • DO
    • Use Isopropyl rubbing alcohol to prepare/clean surfaces (wipe gently, let dry). Isopropyl evaporates, removing dirt and grease and does not leave a residue, unlike other household cleaners that often have moisturisers, perfumes or other ingredients that will leave a residue and interfere with the Command adhesive.
    • Apply strips so that the tab is pointing downward to the floor, attach Picture Hanging Strips directly to frame edges. Strips pointing downward aid removal when stretching the tab. It is much more difficult to stretch upwards while keeping the strip tab flat to the wall, as required.
    • Ensure frame dimensions are within those advertised on the front of the pack and as shown on the back of the pack.
    • Use waxed dental floss or fly fishing line to ‘saw’ through between the wall and the strip if the tab has been snapped off or strip cannot be stretched flat to the wall to advertised length. Peeling, lifting, scraping, prising off or pulling the strip tab forwards or at an angle can cause damage to walls and paint.
  • DON'T
    • Use Command Hooks or Clear products to hang pictures. Hanging a picture on a hook tilts the frames outwards, creating a forward pulling, peeling weight which may cause damage to the wall. Command adhesives are designed for vertical sheer strength, all Picture & Frame products are flat and have a larger ‘footprint’ than hooks to spread the load across the wall.
    • Mix Picture Hanging Strips sizes on one frame. 4 x small sets hold up to 1.8kg, 4x medium sets hold up to 5.4kg, 4 x sets of large hold up to 7.2kg and should be applied in accordance with pack diagram.
    • Use more than four sets of Picture Hanging Strips per frame. The weight advertised is the weight that will hold indefinitely if the product has been applied in accordance with the instructions.
    • Apply Picture Hanging Strips lower than below 2/3 from the top of the frame. Applying strips more than 2/3 from the top of the frame will prevent the ease of removal when trying to leverage the frame away from the wall. Refer to the back of pack instructions for diagrams of how to apply/remove.
    • Forget to ensure all Command adhesive gets one hour to bond fully to surfaces before adding any weight. While Command adhesive has great initial ‘grab’, it does need one hour without weight to achieve advertised strength.

Command™ Picture Hanging Products for Your Gallery Wall

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