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Love Being Organised

Love Being Organised


Whatever phase you are in your life, whether new home owner, stay at home mum with young bubs (or young adults), or even just enjoying a quiet household, there's always room for home organisation! Your home is your refuge, and amidst the craziness, messiness and busy periods of your weekdays, you'll find that you're able to relax if you have everything in it's place. This is achieved by staying organised.

Spring cleaning is usually a great time to reboot your organisational intentions. Starting from scratch will be a chore, but once you get to a point of satisfaction, it'll be much easier to stay tidy as well as think of new ideas and ways that you can manage your items. Whether it be your favourite books, hats, belts, kitchen utensils or that one mop that you can always rely on, eventually you'll achieve organisational nirvana and appreciate the effort you initially put in to reach this point.

Check out the household ideas below that you could initiate with some Command products, which hold strong and are damage-free, leaving no messy residue. They also remove cleanly, should you change your mind.


  • Five Favourite Ways to Stay Organised

    These methods can give you quicker access and storage of to-do lists for groceries, oven mitts and plastic shopping bags

  • Closet Cleanup

    Hang up your mops, brooms, dust wands and even vacuum in the same space, which will help you save space!

Home Office

Living Space

  • Wall Vase for Single Flowers

    This project is ideal for smaller spaces and renters who are looking to spruce up their space with some floral arrangements

  • Decorated Bookcase

    Nifty and fun, refresh an old bookcase with just some wrapping paper and Command™ Poster Strips!

  • Sock Buddies

    If you have kids who consistently "misplace" their socks, this is a fun way to reunite all the single soles


  • For the Ladies

    Hang your belts up with this project, so that you'll always be ready for a night out

  • For the Gents

    Even the biggest cap collectors need a spot to showcase their finest fits

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